Second Amendment

My Position on Second Amendment

The Second Amendment is crucial in ensuring that the government remains accountable to the American people. Our Founders saw the dangers of power-hungry government leaders and enshrined the right to keep and bear arms to prevent the government from wielding too much power.

Moreover, recent spikes in crime demonstrate the importance of protecting the Second Amendment. When government leaders choose to defund the police and abdicate their role in promoting public safety, Americans must have the means to defend themselves and their loved ones.

To prevent the federal government from wielding the power to implement sweeping gun control regulations, I introduced the Protecting the Right to Keep and Bear Arms Act. This bill would prevent the President from issuing an emergency declaration to gain broad authority to impose gun control on Americans.

One policy that is celebrated by gun control advocates is the creation of a federal firearms registry. A registry, though, could allow the government to target law-abiding citizens and take away their guns. With that in mind, I introduced the No REGISTRY Rights Act which would prohibit the ATF from using firearm transaction records to establish a back-door firearms registry.

In Congress, I am committed to upholding the vision of our founders and defending the Second Amendment at all costs.

Second Amendment Updates

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