Hurricane Harvey Recovery

My Position on Hurricane Harvey Recovery

In 2017, Hurricane Harvey made landfall in our district and devastated many communities in our part of Texas. Though much recovery has been made, there are still individuals in my district that have not reached full recovery.

My office has dedicated staff members to serve as liaisons to FEMA to help break through the bureaucratic hurdles to get funding where it is needed. Securing recovery funds is key to our recovery. Since Hurricane Harvey’s landfall, over $300 million in federal funding has been given to communities in Texas’ 27th District for recovery.

My office has worked diligently to ensure the necessary funding is received in the district.

While we do what we can to help Texans navigate the federal bureaucracy, it is only solving a short-term problem. I’m working towards reforms within FEMA that will break through current obstacles standing in the way of the American people. We should not expect those already burdened with recovery to have to become experts in the alphabet soup of federal bureaucracy in order to receive the recovery aid due to them.

If you have a disaster-related inquiry, please contact my district offices for further assistance.

Hurricane Harvey Recovery Updates

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