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My Priorities

Read more about my positions on key issues that are important to my work in Congress.

Hurricane Harvey Recoverylearn More
Hurricane Harvey Recovery
Jobs and Economylearn More
Jobs & The Economy
Immigration and Border Securitylearn More
Immigration & Border Security
Energylearn More
Transportationlearn More
Agriculturelearn More
Veteranslearn More
National Defenselearn More
National Defense
Senior Citizenslearn More
Senior Citizens
Workforce and Educationlearn More
Workforce & Education
Healthcarelearn More
Government Reformlearn More
Government Reform

Serving My Fellow Texans

I want to serve my constituents in any way I can, whether you need help with a federal agency, are trying to find out if federal grants are available for your project, or are considering applying to a service academy. I hope all the information in this section will be helpful.

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