My Position on Energy

The United States has been blessed with abundant natural resources and must continue to develop American energy so we can provide reliable, affordable energy that powers our country and the world. Texas is at the forefront of this energy revolution, as it leads the nation in oil, gas, and wind energy production.

For starters, we must cut through burdensome permitting processes that stall the development of drilling as well as the infrastructure needed to transport oil and gas. I have cosponsored legislation and supported policies that would advance lease sales on federal lands and help expedite permitting of oil and gas pipelines.

Energy can allow America to serve as a “shining city on the Hill” with investments in pipeline infrastructure and our ports. The ports in Texas’ 27th District are helping drive America’s leadership in energy by supplying energy throughout the world. Deepening and widening ship channels, like the one for the Port of Corpus Christi and Calhoun Port Authority, is key to exporting a greater amount of American energy. Energy exports can help liberate our allies from dependence on bad actors, like Russia and China.

America’s energy producers lead the world in best practices of producing energy efficiently and responsibly.  We should refrain from policies that restrict America’s energy production while enabling other countries—who do not have our best interests in mind and who lack the same degree of environmental standards—to produce energy. Bolstering our American energy production will ensure that Americans have a reliable supply of affordable energy and provide for strength and stability on the world stage.

Energy Updates

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