Weekly Newsletter: June 10, 2024

Jun 10, 2024

On Monday, I confronted Dr. Fauci about his restrictive COVID response measures that impacted our daily lives—business and church closures, school shutdowns, lockdowns, and mask mandates—all unscientific and detrimental to the country. Despite the mounting evidence over time indicating these actions were not only ineffective but actively harmful, Dr. Fauci continued to defend them.

I highlighted the severe consequences these guidelines had on our communities, especially in rural areas with minimal COVID-19 cases. In our district, medical facilities had to suspend care despite having no COVID-19 cases, leading to delayed treatments for patients with critical conditions like cancer. It’s deeply troubling that even as new data became available, policies did not adapt, resulting in unnecessary suffering and a loss of trust in our public health institutions. 

The rigid adherence to those initial policies has left Americans questioning the credibility of our public health responses, and for good reason. Americans deserve to know the truth about why these decisions were made and have those who contributed to them held accountable.

You can read more about my questions for Fauci here.

Following the news of President Trump’s unjust political conviction in New York, I announced my intention of introducing Appropriations amendments aimed at blocking federal funding grants for Alvin Bragg, Fani Willis, and other offices involved in the left’s lawfare against President Trump and his supporters. These offices have turned the justice system into a political weapon, undermining the constitutional principles of impartiality that our legal system is built on.

This move is about ensuring that federal funds are not used to support politically motivated prosecutions. It’s about protecting the integrity of our justice system and upholding the rule of law.

We will continue to oppose this misuse of power and defend the rights of all Americans, and more amendments will follow.

You can read more about my amendments here.

We’re celebrating a major milestone for our district and our nation’s energy sector. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has allocated over $11 million to the Port of Corpus Christi Channel Dredging Project, which we have continuously advocated for since being elected in 2018.

The Port of Corpus Christi is the leading energy export port in the United States, playing a vital role in our national energy security. By keeping the channel deep and navigable, this project will ensure that larger vessels can safely and efficiently transport goods, bolstering both our local economy and America’s position as a global energy leader.

It was a pleasure to welcome the Coastal Bend Chamber of Commerce to D.C. for their annual trip! These dedicated business and community leaders truly embody the heart and spirit of our Texas 27th District, sharing their valuable insights and passion with us in our nation’s capital. Their commitment to our community is what makes our district strong and growing.

It was an honor to meet with students from Dorothy Adkins Middle School right here in front of the U.S. Capitol. These bright young Texans from Corpus Christi represent the future leaders of our great state. These young Texans from Corpus Christi are the future leaders of our great state, and their enthusiasm for learning and civic engagement was great to be around! We discussed the importance of our Constitution, the role of government, and the value of hard work. I’m confident these students will make a positive impact on our community and beyond!

I joined national media to address Dr. Fauci’s disastrous handling of the COVID-19 pandemic response and the unjust conviction of former President Donald Trump. Both of these were politically motivated and undermined our government and judicial institutions. It’s crucial that we stand firm against these actions of partisan influence and hold accountable those who implemented the COVID responses that harmed our country.

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God Bless,

Michael Cloud
Member of Congress

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