Representative Cloud Spends the Day in Corpus Christi Discussing Importance of Region’s Ports

Washington, D.C. — On Tuesday, Congressman Michael Cloud (R-TX) spent the day in Corpus Christi as part of his local visits across TX-27 during the August district work period.

The day included a stop with W.B. Ray High School, where Rep. Cloud visited with students and discussed economic issues important to our community. Some of these issues specifically involved job creation, bringing down costs, and how ports in their community are vital to our country’s economy and national security. 

Additionally, Rep. Cloud also spoke at the World Affairs Council of South Texas, discussing his commitment to help maintain and improve Texas ports, as well as some ways Congress can address rising energy costs that have placed a significant burden on employers and workers in the region. For decades, Texas ports have been a critical driver of economic growth in the state as well as playing a key role in America’s energy exports. One of Rep. Cloud’s key goals serving in Congress is to make sure Texas’ port authorities are well served and provided the resources they need to help Texas-27 constituents thrive. 

Representative Cloud released the following statement: 

“I want to thank the World Affairs Council of South Texas and the students of W.B. Ray High School for their time and attention. As the representative for the Coastal Bend, I get to represent multiple ports throughout the district,” Representative Cloud said, “and they are essential to the economic prosperity of Texas’ 27th district and job creation for my constituents. The Port of Corpus Christi is leading the way in energy exports, making it irreplaceable for our nation’s security and economy. In the challenging times our economy faces, this administration should be investing in our ports and projects to increase our energy export capacity. I will continue to support investments in our port, and I am excited about what this will mean not only for the state of Texas, but for our nation’s ability to lead on energy for decades to come.” 

Speaking to Students at W.B. Ray High School

Speaking to the World Affairs Council of South Texas


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