Representative Cloud Meets with Jackson County Sheriff Kelly Janica

Washington D.C. — On Wednesday, Congressman Michael Cloud (R-TX) met with Jackson County Sheriff Kelly Janica to discuss the ways the southern border crisis is impacting Jackson County. 

For the past several years, the Biden administration has ignored the crisis at the border and has forced law enforcement to deal with the consequences, putting a tremendous burden on state level officials and local leaders. It has been well documented that the Biden administration’s poor border security has led to increases in crime, fentanyl trafficking, and housing shortages – among other problems. 

Representative Cloud has put a strong emphasis on border security and supporting law enforcement during his time in Congress, particularly in the last 8 months with Republicans now in a House majority. Cloud has met with both federal and local law enforcement agencies to discuss the difficulties that they face as a result of Biden’s open border policies, as well as solicit ideas from them on how we can fix the problem. In May, Representative Cloud played a key role in helping pass H.R. 2,  the strongest border security bill to ever pass through the U.S. House of Representatives, significantly curbing illegal immigration and increasing border security. Cloud also joined with several conservatives in pushing for hiring more border patrol agents, restarting border wall construction, and closing the catch and release loopholes – all of which were a direct result of constituent input in Texas-27. 

Representative Cloud released the following statement: 

“What is occurring at our southern border is completely unacceptable – not least of all because it puts a tremendous strain on local law enforcement who we should be supporting,” Rep. Cloud said. “It doesn’t have to be this way. It is the foreseeable outcome of an open border agenda. We need an administration who enforces our immigration laws, not one who makes our southern border a cartel’s dreamland and calls to defund police officers. I am committed to working with our local police departments to support their efforts on handling the border crisis to protect the people of Texas’ 27th district. I want to thank Sheriff Janica for the time, as well as thank all of our law enforcement officials for the great work they are doing.”

Meeting with Jackson County Sheriff Kelly Janica


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