Rep. Cloud’s Statement on the Families First Coronavirus Response Act

Washington, DC

Congressman Michael Cloud (TX-27) released the following statement regarding his vote against the Families First Coronavirus Response Act:

“Last week, I voted in favor of $8.3 billion to support the recovery effort surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and would have liked to have been able to vote yes again, but last night’s bill and the process surrounding it represents everything that is broken in Washington. After two days of closed door negotiations between Speaker Pelosi and the Secretary of the Treasury, Members of Congress were given less than 30 minutes to review the 124 page text before taking a midnight vote.”

“Although some provisions were things I would support, others were harmful, including new burdens on small businesses while large businesses were exempt. The bill language left too many questions unanswered with no opportunity to debate, provide input, amend the bill, or even ask negotiators about some of the unclear provisions in the bill.”

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