RELEASE: Rep. Cloud Statement on Opposing Latest Continuing Resolution out of House

Mar 01, 2024

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Rep. Michael Cloud (R-TX) released the following statement regarding his NO vote on the latest Continuing Resolution out of the House, H.R. 7463, which the House passed on Thursday, February 29:

“Once again, the House is making the ill-advised decision to kick the can down the road and rubber-stamp the status quo, passing yet another Continuing Resolution,” Rep. Cloud said“Rather than fighting inflation, taking on the wasteful and weaponized bureaucracy, and implementing real reforms to secure the border, Congress is co-signing the Pelosi/Biden inflated spending levels while doing nothing to change Washington. This is wrong, and I voted no.

As members of Congress, it’s our job to be proactive about dealing with policy debates — preferably through individual, single-subject spending bills that give the people more transparency about Washington spending. We should not be putting off critical policy changes to tomorrow that we could deal with today. I understand the need for process and time to review bills, but at some point, when do our debt and damaging spending policies matter? The American people don’t have time to wait. Congress shouldn’t pretend like they have time to wait, either.

I’ll continue pushing the House to responsibly address spending and to take the crisis of our debt as seriously as it deserves. Our policies of record spending, out of control bureaucracy, and a chaotic border have to end.”

The House passed H.R. 7463, a Continuing Resolution to extend funding deadlines through March 8 and March 22, by a vote of 320-99. Rep. Cloud was one of 97 Republican NO votes on the bill.


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