Congressman Cloud’s Statement on Prospect of a Continuing Resolution and House Leadership’s Plan on Appropriations

Washington D.C. – Today, Congressman Michael Cloud (TX-27) issued the following statement regarding the prospect of a Continuing Resolution and House leadership’s plan on Appropriations: 

“For the last several months, House appropriators have worked diligently to pass single issue spending bills that would chart a course away from the status quo, get us on a path towards fiscal sanity, and put Congress back to work for hardworking taxpayers. 

Unfortunately, we are running out of time – and it didn’t have to be this way. Many of our Appropriations bills have been waiting on Congressional action since July. What’s more, the September 30 funding expiration date did not appear out of thin air. We have known this day was coming. Yet here we are in late September, with some in leadership using shutdown politics as a means of pushing a Continuing Resolution.  

While such political games may have been successful in the past, it will not work this time. We have to keep our word. It is time to do what we said we would do. 

I still have high hopes that we can fund the government through single issue spending bills like we promised the American People we would do – and we should do so quickly. At the same time, while I am willing to give leadership a little more time to hold up their part of the agreement, we will need a significantly more aggressive timeline to pass our single subject bills than I have seen thus far. There is no reason we should take longer than 2 weeks to do our job. It’s on our leadership to lay out an aggressive path forward so that we can quickly, responsibly cut spending and fund our government the way the American people deserve.”


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