Congressman Cloud Questions Planned Parenthood Medical Officer During Oversight Hearing

Washington, DC

Congressman Michael Cloud questioned one of Planned Parenthood’s Chief Medical Officers during an Oversight and Reform Committee hearing on Thursday (Nov. 14) in an effort to shed light on the dishonesty of the abortion organization. 

“So much of the conversation surrounding the tragedy of abortion is cloaked in euphemism and medical jargon,” said Congressman Cloud. “While Planned Parenthood claims to be the leading women’s healthcare provider in the country, it predominantly provides abortions while often neglecting other healthcare procedures like mammograms and prenatal care. This only underscores the fact that abortion is at the core of Planned Parenthood, not women’s health.”

During a line of Congressman Cloud’s questioning, Planned Parenthood’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Colleen McNicholas refused to clearly define an abortion procedure. After Dr. McNicholas refused to answer the question, Congressman Cloud turned to another panelist, Allie Beth Stuckey, a fellow Texan and advocate for the unborn.

Watch the clip of Congressman Cloud’s question here.

“Again, we see that it is not me that is speaking in generalities, it is the pro-abortion side that is speaking in generalities because they know the grotesque nature of what an abortion procedure is,” said Mrs. Stuckey. “You don’t have to be an abortion provider to know what an abortion is. That’s exactly why I’m here to talk about the absolute brutality of the killing of life inside the womb.”

“When people consider what quality healthcare means to them, they think of life-saving treatments, they do not think of aborting a child in the womb,” said Congressman Cloud. “Abortion is not healthcare and the only ones losing access to healthcare right now are unborn babies at the hands of Planned Parenthood. Fundamental to the existence of Planned Parenthood is the fact that it’s an abortion business that profits off of the lives of unborn babies. It should shock our consciences that some consider abortion a life-saving procedure when in reality it ends lives.”

Congressman Cloud also pointed out that since the Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade in 1973, scientific advances have enabled healthcare providers and doctors to determine that babies in the womb can feel pain, survive outside the womb as early as 20 weeks, and have a detectable heartbeat as early as 6 weeks.


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