Congressman Cloud Joins Effort Opposing D.C.’s COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

Jan 10, 2022
WASHINGTON, D.C.—Today, Congressman Cloud (TX-27) joined House Committee on Oversight and Reform Ranking Member James Comer (KY-01), Subcommittee on the Environment Ranking Member Ralph Norman (SC-05), and Committee Republicans to call on District of Columbia Mayor Muriel Bowser to withdraw her order requiring proof of vaccination for anyone 12 and older to enter most indoor establishments in D.C. 

The lawmakers expressed concern the order harms the District’s economic recovery and locks many Americans, especially youth, out of their capital city.

“We write to express our concern about the vaccine mandate you issued requiring proof of coronavirus vaccination for entry into most indoor premises in the District of Columbia. Like the Democrat lockdowns of 2020, the latest left-wing vaccine passport fad will not prevent the virus from spreading. This sweeping mandate, however, will harm the District’s economic recovery and lock many Americans out of their capital city. We urge you to withdraw the Order,” wrote the Republican lawmakers.

Several large U.S. cities have issued vaccine passports, but they have not been effective in stopping the spread of the coronavirus. Beginning on January 15, 2022, Mayor Bowser’s sweeping mandate prohibits anyone over the age of twelve from entering an indoor facility without providing proof of vaccination against COVID-19. The mandate does not provide an exemption for those with a negative test result or for those who have developed natural immunity to the coronavirus, which numerous studies have shown is equally effective as the vaccine. By requiring D.C. businesses to enforce the mandate, the D.C. local government will limit the American People’s access to their capital city, notably school group visits, and strain the city’s economic recovery, which already relies heavily on funding from the American taxpayer they wish to limit access to.

“This is another draconian measure against children—a group that has unfairly suffered at the hands of liberal educators and the institutions they serve throughout this pandemic. In particular, school groups visiting D.C. will be prohibited from taking advantage of our nation’s treasures,” continued the Republican lawmakers. “By requiring anyone over the age of twelve to present proof of vaccination to enter most indoor establishments in the District, students who are not vaccinated will be prohibited from eating at restaurants, meeting indoors for conferences, enjoying entertainment venues, and more. All Americans, especially our youth, should be welcomed to the District, but your sweeping mandate locks them out of their capital city.”

“Vaccine passports have no place in a free society. We must not allow our nation’s capital to succumb to the far Left’s anti-science vaccine mandate extremism,” Congressman Cloud said. “Under this new order, the unvaccinated, or even those with natural immunity, will be discriminated against and have to live as second-class citizens in a city which is supposed to represent the land of the free.”

Cloud continued, “This mandate applies to much more than just the DC population. As constituents visit their congressional representatives, school children embark on field trips, and families travel to the District, Mayor Bowser has made it clear that unvaccinated Americans will not be afforded the same rights as the vaccinated.”

The letter to Mayor Bowser can be found HERE.

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