Congressman Cloud Blasts Biden Administration’s Student Loan Bailout

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Today, Congressman Michael Cloud (TX-27) opened an investigation regarding the Biden administration’s unfair decision to cancel undergraduate student loan debt and stick the American taxpayer with the bill.

From the letter, “The unilateral decision to cancel student debt is unfair to every American who made difficult decisions to support their education or that of their children. Parents who worked multiple jobs and sacrificed endlessly to afford college for their children will see no benefit. Nor will the responsible and frugal student who worked through college and budgeted to reduce their own costs.

In addition to the Americans who chose to pursue higher education, this policy is a slap in the face to many other Americans who chose professions that did not require a college education. Essential professions such as welding, trucking, farming, and many more still required risks to be taken in either financing vocational education or taking out loans to start a business. By forgiving student loan debt, this type of policy projects a scornful attitude towards these Americans who are a critical part of our workforce but chose not to attend college.”

Rather than addressing the root causes of higher education costs, an effort that would have garnered bipartisan support, the Biden administration has decided to try and score cheap political points.

Congressman Cloud is requesting all communications from the White House and the Department of Education as to how they arrived at the income threshold and cancellation amount.

“The Biden administration’s student loan forgiveness is not only unfair, it’s completely immoral,” Congressman Cloud said. “Those who bypassed college or responsibly paid off their loans should not have to pay the student debt of others who have been less responsible. This policy is a slap in the face to millions of Americans who decided college wasn’t the route for them and millions more who don’t want to subsidize handouts for college-educated individuals.”


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