Gold Star Family Fellowship Program

Seeking Applicants for the Gold Star Family Fellowship Program

Seeking Applicants for the Gold Star Family Fellowship Program

To give one’s life in service to our country is the greatest sacrifice an American can make. As a nation, we will never fully be able to show our gratitude to these men and women and the families they leave behind. We owe our Gold Star Families a debt that can never be repaid.


Congress has identified a new way to serve these families and express our thanks through the creation of the Gold Star Family Fellowship program. This year-long paid fellowship was created recently as a way of giving back to those directly affected by the loss of a servicemember.


We are looking for an individual to take part in this career opportunity.

If you are a Gold Star Family member (the parent, child [including step], spouse, or sibling of a military member who has died in the line of duty), have a high school diploma or higher, and are interested in expanding your career, I would encourage you to apply. We are filling the position in either my Corpus Christi or Victoria office.


As issues are debated and legislation is weighed in Washington, this program is one way Congress is recognizing the voices of Gold Star Families. It is our goal to help and in a small way say thank you.

If you would like to apply, click HERE. Please do not hesitate to call our offices if you need further assistance.

Victoria office: (361) 894-6446
Corpus Christi office: (361) 884-2222