Art Competition Survey

2024 Art Competition Submissions



The Boy and His Future

Texas Breeze


Beauty of Nature

Ehterial Sanctum

Sunset in the City

Birds of a Feather


Shimasoni' Bé gun' (Grandma's House)

Western Setting

Stare Down

Morning at The Alamo

Tail Flick!


Gone, but not Forgotten

Spring Time

Cali The Calico


Prickly Beauty

The Ghost-Finned Shark

Shark's Space

Deciduous Nights

Freaky and Deaky

Bird Watch

Southern Wrangler

Delightful Donkey

We Cannot Explore What We Cannot See

Not One, Not Two, but Three Spiders

The Pines

Dairy Queens


Rustic Serenity

The Heart Of the Ocean

Car Pile

Rustic Bonvine Charm

Pretty Girl From The Psych-out

The Lone Ranger

Boot Barrel

Pebbles The Cow

Industrialized Lone Star

Tired of Being Tired

Golden Fields

Beauty In Pain


Open Pastures

Day At The Beach

Eternal Love

The Road of Decisions



Living Water Tides

Lonely Sunset

High Way Color

Ole' Red


Culture Within

Church On A Hill


Gone Fishin'

Beating Wings

Las Palmas

At Peace

Catching Butterflies

The Daily Round Up

The Story of Spring

But One Love

Me & Bro

4-6-4 New York Hudson

All My Favorite Colors

Corpus Christi Bay

Beyond The Stars

I've Got My Eye on You

Uniqueness of Random Objects

My Ollie

Post Meridiem Cum Vivis Poetarum Societas

Deep in the Heart

Staring Through a Window

Ocean's Vespers

Saturated Curiosity

Scratchin' in the Snow

Pieces of Him

The Paradox

Deep in the Heart of Concan, Texas