Meeting with President Trump
This past week, I met with President Trump aboard Air Force One to discuss how improvements to our ports could benefit our district. The Port of Corpus Christi, for example, exports 61 percent of our nation's crude oil, but improvements would allow us to sell even more American-made energy. This would benefit not only workers and families across our district but also our allies around the world, allowing them to buy energy from the United States rather than Russia. 

The following day, the President called for action! Check out the video for more on the story:

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Tell Me What You Think About Internet Privacy
Online companies (i.e., Facebook), search engines (i.e., Google), internet service providers (your cable or phone company) and others often gain access to information about people who use their services. They are then able to use or sell the information for targeted advertising or other purposes.

I believe that we should take steps to enhance privacy and provide greater transparency to consumers. On the one hand, this data collection allows many companies to offer their services at no charge - since they make their money from advertising or from selling the information. On the other hand, many Americans have concerns about their privacy and how this data is being used.

Do you support enhanced privacy protections and transparency requirements regarding how companies use information they collect about people who use their services? Take this brief survey and let me know what you think.

Securing the Border and Stopping Human Trafficking
On Friday, Victoria County Sheriff T. Michael O'Connor and I hosted a law enforcement roundtable meeting, bringing together Sheriffs, Chiefs of Police, and other law enforcement officers from around the region, as well as Chief Manuel Padilla Jr. and several of his Customs and Border Patrol agents.

The purpose of the meeting was to bring together the region’s law enforcement leadership for collaboration and discussion about border security, human trafficking, drug smuggling, and illegal border crossings.

Afterward, Customs and Border Patrol hosted a press conference to highlight Operation Big Rig, an initiative aimed at bringing awareness to the consequences of human trafficking. 

Our nation’s failure to secure the border has led to a humanitarian and criminal crisis. We need to provide our Border Patrol with the resources they need and close loopholes in our immigration laws that allow cartels to take advantage of American generosity.

Bringing awareness to the consequences of human trafficking, along with Victoria County Sheriff T. Michael O'Connor, District Attorney-Elect Constance Filley Johnson, and Victoria Police Chief J.J. Craig

More Good Economic News
An encouraging new report in Business Insider found that the U.S. economy has grown at its fastest back-to-back pace in four years, growing at a faster rate than expected from July through September! 

Traveling through the district, I'm finding that this good news is not just numbers on a page - it's making a real difference in the lives of workers and their families. I am committed to working to keep taxes low and prevent burdensome government regulations, so that the American economy can continue to thrive.

Visiting the Tenaris facility in Bay City to see the work being done and hear input from workers about how to best meet their needs.
Army Aviation: From the Wright Brothers to Right Here
Army Aviation has a storied history, going back all the way to working with the Wright Brothers and even to the Civil War. Our nation's air superiority - aided by the excellent work done at the Corpus Christi Army Depot - is indispensable to our goal of peace through strength. 

As a member of the Congressional Army Depot Caucus, I am committed to making sure our Corpus Christi Army Depot has what they need to continue to work efficiently and productively and to keep our U.S. Army equipped.

At the Luther Jones Army Aviation Depot Forum this week, it was a real honor to recognize SGT Cameron Renth as Artisan of the Year for his outstanding maintenance work.