Honoring American Heroes in El Campo
I had the honor of welcoming Mark Geist, one of the security contractors who was injured defending Americans in Benghazi, to an event honoring veterans in El Campo. We are all indebted to this brave group who made great personal sacrifices defending our freedom.

Rep. Cloud and VVA-El Campo President Leonard Sternadel welcome Benghazi hero Mark Geist to an El Campo veterans event

SURVEY: Tell Me What You Think About the Migrant Caravan

A group of more than 5,000+ Central American migrants have broken down barricades, overrun Mexican police and are currently traveling across Mexico with plans to enter the United States. President Trump has warned he might mobilize the U.S. military and shut down the border if they seek to enter the US illegally in mass.

What do you believe should be done about the caravan currently headed to the United States? Let me know what you think with this one-question survey.

Prayer Meeting in Corpus Christi
I'm grateful for all those who came out to Corpus Christi's annual Leadership Prayer Breakfast to pray for our elected officials, service members, and first responders. We all need your prayers as we seek to serve you and honor God. And thank you to Chad Williams, a former Navy SEAL, for sharing about his faith and his combat experiences.

Greeting former Navy SEAL Chad Williams, alongside Reach Ministries' Greg Hood, at the Corpus Christi Leadership Prayer Breakfast

Helping Fellow Texans Navigate Federal Bureaucracy 
If you have an issue with the VA, FEMA, the IRS, Social Security, or any federal agency, my goal as your representative is to get you the assistance you need. Please call my office at (361) 884-2222 or contact me online to let me know how we can help. 

One way I believe we can better serve those living in the 13 counties that make up the 27th Congressional District is to bring our office to you. That’s what we are doing as we have held mobile office hours recently in El Campo, Luling, and Bastrop and have more on the calendar for the weeks ahead.

Rep. Cloud reviews a resident's case during this week's Mobile Office Hours in El Campo

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