$72 Million Secured to Increase Texas Oil Exports
In case you missed it, earlier this week a total of $72 million was announced for improvements at the Port of Corpus Christi in the FY 2019 budget! 

In October I had a chance to meet with the President on Air Force One and made the case for how important deepening and widening the ship channel at the Port of Corpus Christi is - not just to jobs in our region but to the whole nation.

The President was very responsive, and the next day he gave a speech and told his staff to get it done. This week, the funding was announced.

This hugely important project will create jobs across our whole district, increase exports of Eagle Ford and Permian Basin oil and gas around the world, and protect our allies from dependence on Russian and Iranian energy.

Check out the video for my discussion with Channel 3 News about the announcement!

Having trouble with the video? Watch on YouTube.
Holding FEMA Accountable for the Hurricane Recovery Process
On Thursday, I questioned FEMA Administrator Brock Long about the hurricane recovery process at a House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform hearing. Since taking office in July, I've participated in dozens of meetings with local leaders and district residents and discussed their concerns with Mr. Long at the hearing.

You can watch a short video from the hearing here, or visit my Hurricane Harvey Recovery page to see the whole exchange.

Tell Me What You Think About Education
Providing an opportunity for our children to be educated in great schools is key to a successful future. As the husband of a public school teacher and the father of three students, I am continually aware of the value of a good education, both for individuals and for our nation. A well trained workforce is key to our economic success and global competitiveness, especially in the ever-changing world of the 21st Century.

Our top-down, one-size-fits-all approach to education has not served us well. Parents, teachers, principals, and local school boards know their students and schools better that politicians and bureaucrats in Washington, so I am committed to returning more authority and control to parents and to local and state school boards. Each child has unique giftings and talents and deserves the opportunity to reach their fullest potential. We need to free educators to educate, give parents more control over their children’s education, and allow states and districts to tailor their educational models to meet the needs of their communities, including through technical education and trade schools.

Most decisions - including funding - are under the jurisdiction of the Texas state legislature. But I would like to hear your opinion about the amount of funding and control over education that the federal government should have. Take this one-question survey to let me know what you think.

Recognizing Benghazi & Stopping Research on Aborted Babies
This week I cosponsored a bill to posthumously award the Congressional Gold Medal to the four Americans killed in Benghazi - Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods, J. Christopher Stevens, and Sean Smith - in recognition of their contributions to the Nation.

I also met with Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar and signed a letter requesting that his department discontinue funding for research that uses the body parts of aborted babies. The letter asks that HHS review all research projects to ensure that only ethical research methods are employed, and it asks HHS to not renew a $13 million NIH fetal tissue research contract with the University of California at San Francisco
Working for Transportation and Retirement Solutions
The Corpus Christi Regional Transit Authority stopped by this week, and we had a good discussion about infrastructure and transportation solutions for our region. I also had a chance to meet with the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors to discuss retirement security issues & how to ensure stability for retirees.

Meeting with the Corpus Christi Regional Transit Authority about infrastructure and transportation solutions.

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