First 100 Days
Since being sworn in on July 10, it has been a real honor to represent the great people of our district in Congress. This has meant supporting legislation in line with our district's values, including tax cuts for workers and families, work requirements for able-bodied adults on welfare, restoring funding for our military, and much more! 

I have also been working to assist residents and communities in getting things done, including navigating Veterans Affairs, receiving Harvey relief, and funding our energy infrastructure. 

Check out the video for a few of the ways I worked to serve our district during my first 100 days as your Representative in Congress!

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Tell Me What You Think About Birthright Citizenship
Current policy grants American citizenship to anyone born in the United States, including those whose parents are here illegally. 

This has created a huge magnet for encouraging illegal immigration, as giving birth in the United States not only ensures that the children receive citizenship but has historically made it less likely that the parents would be removed from the United States.

Should children of those illegally in the U.S. automatically receive American citizenship if they are born in the United States? Take this one-question survey to let me know your opinion.

Helping Fellow Texans Navigate Federal Bureaucracy
If you have an issue with the VA, FEMA, the IRS, Social Security, or any federal agency, my goal as your representative is to get you the assistance you need. Please call our office at (361) 884-2222 or contact me online about how we can help. 

One way to better serve those living in the 13 counties that make up the 27th Congressional District is to bring our office to you. That’s what we are doing as we have held mobile office hours recently in Port Lavaca, Gonzales, El Campo, Luling, and Bastrop, and and have more on the calendar for the weeks ahead. Please contact our office if you would like us to schedule mobile office hours in your community. 

Rep. Cloud assists a resident during Mobile Office Hours in Wharton County

Cutting FEMA's Red Tape to Help Our Communities
One way we have been working to cut red tape is by helping families, communities, schools, and businesses deal with the broken FEMA system.

I was excited to announce recent hurricane recovery grants for Victoria ISD, Port Aransas ISD, the cities of Port Lavaca and Aransas Pass, and several others throughout our district. We've seen a lot of encouraging stories like this lately - and a lot of work still to be done.

Check out this video for more on how my staff and I have been working to support our region's recovery.

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Luling Veteran: A Lifetime of Service
In case you missed it on Facebook!

Talking about agricultural issues with Stan, an American hero

At dinner with a group of farmers and ranchers from around the district, I had the pleasure of speaking with a 97 year old rancher named Stan. Stan had not only served as Luling ISD School Board President but had also flown in WWII, the Berlin Airlift, the Korean War, and Vietnam. And he's still going strong and giving back to his community! Stan is a true American hero.

I was honored to be able to recognize Stan's heroism on my Facebook page. "Like" the page to hear about not only government actions that affect you but also stories like Stan's from around our area. 

One of the true privileges of representing our district was being able to assist Ricardo Gonzalez in receiving his long overdue medals earned during his military service. Click here for more on Mr. Gonzalez's story. And please call my office if we can help you secure a medal that you earned.

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