Congress Spends Without Counting the Full Cost. My Bill Would Change That.
Within a few years, our nation will be spending more on interest payments than on the entire Department of Defense! But Congress ignores the cost of new interest payments when considering how expensive proposed legislation would be.

I recently introduced the Cost Estimates Improvement Act to address these problems by requiring the Congressional Budget Office to add the cost of servicing the debt to the cost estimate of any future legislation.

Congress also wastes money by creating multiple programs that all do the same thing. For example, a report recently discovered 40 workforce development programs being run by 15 separate federal agencies. 

To address this, the Cost Estimates Improvement Act would require the Congressional Budget Office to produce a "duplication report" documenting how services provided by proposed legislation might be repeating work already being done by other government agencies.

Check out my article in the Daily Signal to find out more about this common-sense government reform.
Tell Me What You Think About Borrowing & Spending
U.S. National Debt recently hit $22 trillion, and soon interest payments will cost more than we spend on our entire military! This cannot be the legacy that we leave to our children and grandchildren. Our government's out of control borrowing and spending is a serious threat not only to our economy but to our national security as well.

We cannot tax our way out of debt, because reducing debt requires a thriving economy. I am committed to keeping taxes low to encourage job creation, inspire innovation, and ensure that the U.S. remains globally competitive. Long-term, our economic growth depends on getting federal spending under control.

But I would like to hear what you think. Please take this one-question survey and let me know how you feel about the best way to reduce our national debt.

An American Hero From Wharton, TX
In case you missed it on Facebook - I was excited to be able to join Wharton's John McCain, a WWII veteran and true American hero, to celebrate his 101st birthday and to recognize his service to our nation on behalf of the people of our district!  

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Supporting Our Coast Guard, Border Patrol & Other Federal Workers
During the shutdown, many community members wanted to support our federal workers - the Coast Guard, Border Patrol, TSA and others - but ethics rules made it difficult to donate. While I'm working to avoid future shutdowns, I reached out to the Office of Government Ethics (OGE) to seek clarification about the rules that would make it easier to help those affected during a shutdown.

OGE responded with a set of guidelines in plain language to make it easier for federal employees and community members to understand the restrictions on communities donating to the Coast Guard & federal employees during shutdowns.

My office will continue looking through these guidelines to remove roadblocks to federal workers receiving community support. Send me a message if you have any changes to recommend.
Texas Ports: Driving Our State's Economic Dominance
The cargo moving through our Texas ports creates over 1.5 million jobs and generates hundreds of billions in economic value to the state. Oil & gas, agriculture, manufacturing, petrochemicals, and so many of the jobs that support our District 27 families depend on our ports.

Texas exports more than any other state, thanks in large part to our Texas ports that facilitate the movement of American products to a world market. 

This week I addressed the Texas Ports Association about my commitment to investing in our ports, which are our spigot to sell American energy and American products to the world. 

Addressing the Texas Ports Association about the importance of investing in our ports to create jobs here at home by selling American products to the world.