A New Year In Congress
The 116th Congress has begun, and unfortunately the partial government shutdown continues. I voted just before Christmas to continue funding the government, including funding for border security, but the bill failed in the Senate.

It is unfortunate that some in Congress would shut down the government to avoid securing our border. It is past time to fix the humanitarian and criminal crisis on our border, so I’m continuing to push for a solution that includes border security funding and ends the shutdown as soon as possible.

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While some things have changed in Congress - the Democrats now control the House majority - my commitment to serving the people of our district and defending our Texas values in Washington remains the same.

With these changes in Congress, I would love to hear your opinion on several important issues expected to come before Congress this coming year.  


Exporting Texas Energy
Exciting news from the Port of Corpus Christi, which signed the first contract to begin work on deepening and widening the Port's ship channel.

You may have seen that the Port of Corpus Christi received $72 million in the upcoming year's budget to deepen and widen the Port's ship channel, allowing for increased exports of Texas oil and gas and boosting job creation all across our region.

Receiving the funding was significant - but did not guarantee that the work would actually begin. So since then, I have been working with the Port and the Army Corps of Engineers to make sure the project is moving forward. This week's contract announcement is a big step toward our goal of increasing American energy exports from our district. 

2018: A Banner Year for Job Creation
Good news about the economy continued all the way through 2018, with the December jobs report showing unemployment below 4 percent for the sixth consecutive month. Prior to this year, the unemployment rate had only been under 4 percent in 5 months total since 1970! 

Thanks to pro-growth conservative economic policies like lowering taxes for workers and families, and cutting burdensome federal regulations on American businesses, we saw tremendous growth this past year, and I will continue working to keep taxes low so American workers can keep more of the income they’ve earned.

It was great to have so many folks from District 27 make it up to Washington when I was sworn in this week for my first full term in Congress. It is a real honor to continue representing our region, and as the new session of Congress opens up, my staff and I are working hard to serve the people of our district and defend our Texas values in Congress.

Supporting Recreational Fisheries & Saltwater Anglers
I was pleased to see that this week the President signed the Modern Fish Act, one of the first bills I supported after taking office in July.

The Modern Fish Act reduces one-size-fits-all federal authority over fisheries and includes – for the first time in history – the priorities of the recreational fisheries sector and saltwater anglers in our nation’s primary marine fisheries law.  

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