Our nation owes our veterans a tremendous debt, and we must keep our promises to those who have worn the uniform and bear the scars from defending this nation that we love so dearly. I have voted for legislation that will help fulfill these promises, including funding for the VA MISSION Act, which will help the VA improve services for veterans dealing with PTSD, opioid addiction, and homelessness. And we must continue to build upon these actions. We must continue working to make veterans medical care more accessible, particularly for those who live in rural areas far from VA medical facilities. Not only do I have staff dedicated to assisting veterans with claims, but I am working with local County Veteran Services Officers and veterans groups to find ways to improve the process and the quality of care.

I have heard repeatedly from veterans at town hall meetings about the challenges that Members of our Armed Services have when transitioning from active duty to civilian life, and I am working on solutions that will improve the transportability of skills and trades learned in the military to civilian life. We must never take their sacrifice for granted.  
If you are veteran and need help with a VA claim, please call my office in Corpus Christi or Victoria and ask to speak to my veterans caseworker. We would welcome the opportunity to serve you.

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