Our district’s transportation infrastructure is the backbone of our economy. Our ports, roads, railways, waterways and pipelines are essential to job creation and the economic growth and prosperity of the part of Texas that you and I call home.  

Ports and Waterways - As a member of the Congressional Ports Caucus I am working to expedite port development projects - and the waterways that serve them - to expand and improve the operation of our ports.  These projects will serve to keep current while attracting new businesses and customers. (See Energy section for more.)

Roads – The completion of I-69 across the 27th District of Texas is critically important as it will not only connect our communities to one another and to other parts of Texas and the nation, but it will improve the safety of our roadways. I am working with our local elected officials, TXDOT, U.S. Dept. of Transportation, and other Members of the I-69 Caucus to move this forward as quickly as possible and to enhance roads throughout the district.

For this year’s surface transportation bill and appropriations process, I submitted the following requests for projects that would advance the completion of I-69: 
  • Widening US-59 in Victoria (ZIP Code: 77905)
  • Widening US-77 in Victoria (ZIP Code: 77905)
  • Widening I-37 at the interchange of I-37/I-77 in Corpus Christi (ZIP Code: 78410)
Railways – We have three major railways serving our district – connecting us to all regions of the United States and to Mexico. As with highways and ports, railways are important to our region’s economic prosperity and create new opportunities for factories and businesses in our community to grow and create new more high paying jobs.

Pipelines – Pipelines crisscross the 27th district bringing oil and gas from across Texas to feed the tens of billions of dollars in investments across our region – our refineries, petrochemical factories, and export terminals. Ensuring that these pipelines, which are the lifeblood of much of our economy, operate safely is important for everyone.

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