Agriculture in Texas is a $100 billion industry and is vital to our district’s economy and to the state of Texas. I have the pleasure of representing 13 counties, and farming and ranching are major economic drivers in many of these counties. Farmers and ranchers in our district are innovative, hard-working, and iconic. There are a number of challenges our farmers face – excessive regulation, increasingly competitive foreign markets, and rising costs of planting, growing, and harvesting a crop.

Putting Texas farmers and ranchers back in the driver’s seat is what I am working on in Congress. I’ve voted to get government regulators out of the way because Texans know how to manage Texas land better than Washington does. State governments – not Washington – should have the primary role in overseeing farm and ranch issues. Solutions should be driven by the farmers and ranchers who live and work in agriculture every day, not unelected bureaucrats in D.C. Congress should stay focused on helping American farmers and ranchers secure fair and open markets overseas for their products.

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