There is an overwhelming crisis on our border, and border/immigration agents do not have the resources they need to effectively deal with the crisis.

Recently, the Border Patrol reassigned agents responsible for inspecting cross-border cargo and shut down highway checkpoints in order to process the latest influx of asylum seekers. About 100,000 migrants arrived this past month, and our immigration courts were already facing an 800,000-case backlog. 

Border Patrol Commissioner Kevin McAleenan put it this way: "The breaking point has arrived."

So I voted in support of the President's declaration of a national emergency. Criminal cartels responsible for 150,000 homicides are taking advantage of this chaos to traffic drugs and humans into the U.S. Our government's unwillingness to secure the border and fix our broken immigration system creates a dangerous situation for all involved and strengthens the cartels' influence in Mexico and Central America. 

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